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  • Radoje Laušević

Small Danube

This Saturday afternoon I visited old friend of mine, prof. Zoran Marković, at his Center for Fishery and Applied Hydrobiology "Little Danube".

Prof. Zoran Marković (right) and myself (left) in CEFAH hall for controlled reproduction and selective breeding.


He guided me through the "Little Danube" water course - a living model of the river Danube, established in the bed of the former extremely polluted stream Šugavac. This is best example how to convert once open collector of waste waters into unique nature resource. Waste waters from upstream settlement is first partly purified using a constructed wetland, and then transferred in the pipe. The water bed of the creek was cleaned and rehabilitated. Water supply is secured from the 120 m deep water-well. As a picture is worth a thousand words, I am bringing several photos from this excursion:

Ponds at CEFAH

Open air classroom at CEFAH

Angling lake at CEFAH


I am warmly inviting you to contact Zoran and visit CEFAH.

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